Sunday, January 02, 2011

Should TVRI be Improved as Commercial TV station?

Many TV stations have built in Indonesia. From TV stations Province Goverments own such as Cirebon TV, Bali TV until national private TV stations such as RCTI, SCTV, Trans TV and national goverment TV station that only one is TVRI. In 90’s era, TVRI is the most watched by Indonesian peoples because only TVRI which monopolizing Indonesia TV’s station. Entering 20’s era, TVRi just as ordinary TV channel that is not watched by us. TVRI should be more interesting and educating than the others private TV stations which younger than its. I have one reason why TVRI is not watched by Indonesian peoples.

TVRI is careless with interest of Indonesian peoples now. TVRI is still broadcasting monotonous programs without the others interesting programs. Because of it, their programs can’t be caught by audiences. So, TVRI should be able to manage educative and informative programs become interesting programs to be watched. Especially to their film which not good. The actors and actrees are not professional to act in the films. Their acting is so awkward and so standard. Actually, TVRI can provide simple films but full of moral values for example “Keluarga Cemara (Pine Family)” and “Si Doel Anak Betawi Asli (The Doel, the real Betawinese boy)” that is broadcasted by RCTI in 90’s era. Both of them is still phenomenal films for Indonesian audiences. Whereas for Documentaries film, TVRI must joining with Science institute such as LIPI or involved museums like foreign documentaries film. Their films is very detail but still entertaining with beautiful pictures.

Based on fact above, TVRI should be update altough their status is national goverment TV station. Beside giving an important program about Indonesia’s social and cultures, TVRI is also giving entertain program about Sciences and Economies. TVRI is the most TV station in Indonesia because it has many historical values as first TV in Indonesia since 1962.

The text originally created by Affandy Murad at Sunday, 2nd January 2011.

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