Saturday, July 25, 2015

What Kind of Job I Want After I Graduate From University?

Hello everyone! First, As student of last semester in Gunadarma University I'm still looking for any jobs, either as employee or intern in company while doing my undergraduate thesis. Because my major is Computer Engineering so my undergraduate thesis is related with computer hardware such as microcontroller, sensor, cable, etc. My graduate thesis entitled "simulation of flood detector based on Arduino Mega 2560 and pcDuino with WiFi and Camera". Obviously, it sounds so hard because I code not only by its default software but also by its hardware so that can be integrated which each other components. My device will inform you about flood indicator based on height of water surface which included both flood condition and the real image of its current situation via WiFi.

Maybe in this current period is dilema for mostly student like me. Why? because you will face new phase of your life after graduating from you university as fresh graduate. Then, without any experience we are expected to get new job when every job vacancies need job experience minimal one year in company. What the hell is it? So, we have to get more benefit value for ourselves before facing the graduate. How to do that? By following any organization or community, either in campus inside or outside. It will automatically increase your value especially in social approach.

Okay, let's to the point. My desired job after graduating is account manager of international company in technology field i.e Google , Microsoft, Firefox, Facebook, Twitter, IBM, Oracle, or in outstanding mass media such as CNN, BBC, etc. Beside managing vendor cooperations with our company, I also get more benefit such as travelling around the world to keep in touch with branch office in other countries. It also gaining international social links. In conclusion, I wanna get best job in technology field although as fresh graduate. I hope you as reader can support me to me my desired job come true. Thank you. :D

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